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Average Rating (1,387 votes) 4.8

After reviewing 1,000’s of products, Xentermine is the clear winner due to the positive customer feedback and award-winning formula.

Average: (1,387 votes) 4.8

After reviewing 1,000’s of products, Xentermine is the clear winner due to the positive customer feedback and award-winning formula.

Is Evolution Slimming’s Green Coffee a Scam?

Overall Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Score: 2.5/5.0
evolution slimming green coffee bean review

Green Coffee Extra Strength is a natural weight loss supplement made by the company Evolution Slimming. It claims to speed up your metabolism without making you feel jittery. Because this is a single ingredient supplement, green coffee extract is the only ingredient with the ability to try and meet these claims. These claims also need to be met without benefits given from caffeine since the green coffee added is decaffeinated.

Is this ingredient strong enough to do it all?

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Ingredients

There is only one active ingredient, Green Coffee Bean Extract. You may be wondering, what is a green coffee bean? How is it different from normal, brown coffee beans? It is actually just a normal coffee bean, the only difference is that it hasn’t been roasted yet. In this product, three capsules contain 600mg of coffee extract. Because the extract is 10:1, it is “equivalent to 6,000mg of Pure Green Coffee.” This ingredient has been highly researched recently due to its growing popularity. It has been shown to display the convenient ability of assisting with weight loss and the prevention of weight gain.

The green coffee extract in this product is said to contain 20% Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). CGA is a chemical compound produced by coffee plants. It is known as an antioxidant and can aid in the slowing down of the release time for glucose into the bloodstream.

While there is only one active ingredient, this formula also includes Microcrystalline Cellulose as an inactive bulking agent. Microcrystalline cellulose is just a fancy term for refined wood pulp. It is used as a really cheap way to fill space in the capsules. Thus giving each capsule more “bulk.”

How Much Does It Cost?

This product can be purchased from their website for $26.00 per bottle. It is recommended to take one pill three times a day, 10-30 minutes before each meal. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, so it should last 30 days.

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Pros:

  • Safe and simple

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Cons:

  • Contains a filler ingredient
  • 30 day money back guarantee (shorter than industry standard)

Side Effects:

A lot of people will see this product and worry about all the common side effects that come with caffeine products. Caffeine is known to give people upset stomachs, trouble sleeping, and headaches. Luckily, because this product is decaffeinated, the website states that it “contains less than 2% caffeine per capsule.” So it shouldn’t affect you unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

What Are Customers Saying?

On the Evolution Slimming website all of the reviews are positive and have found this product to be effective. The reviews on the amazon page for this product are a little more split. Some customers have found it to be very helpful. The majority of customers on Amazon didn’t get any results from this product. There aren’t many complaints of side effects, which is reassuring. Like all weight loss products, it is best to combine any diet pill with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Bottom Line

Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming is a decent product. Some people have found it to be effective, while others got nothing from it. We don’t like that the money back guarantee is so short, or that this supplement includes a bulking agent. We do like that side effects are unlikely and that its active ingredient comes from natural sources. The greatest risk you have with this product is that it won’t have any effect on you.

If you’re looking for better weight loss solutions, please check out the list of products below. We’ve found that these products are the most effective on the market today.

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