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OxiPHEX Review

We’ve gone through 1,000’s of diet pills over the last decade or more and OxiPHEX would likely land in the #1 spot if it didn’t have a higher cost associated with it. Easily a 5/5 product.

Why Did We Rate OxiPHEX As The Most Powerful Diet Pill?

  • The ingredients are meant to work synergistically and possibly work even better when combined together.
  • OxiPHEX showed us their higher than normal 5 star ratings from customers compared with other websites and products we’ve reviewed in the past.
  • There’s nearly 1 full GRAM of ingredients found in OxiPHEX for every serving you take. Main ingredients have dozens and dozens of studies that back all claims they make.
  • OxiPHEX is made in a GMP certified & FDA registered facility, which also happens to be manufactured right here in the USA! Not only is it POWERFUL, but made with 100% safety in mind.
  • Price: $29.98 – $49.95
  • Price/Serving: $0.99
  • Official Site: Buy Now
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Overall Rating 92%
Effectiveness 92%
Speed of Results 95%
Ingredient Quality 90%
Long-Term Results 90%

What Are The Ingredients In OxiPHEX?

Green Tea Leaf Extract isn’t at all uncommon. There are multiple health benefits surrounding this ingredient. However, to achieve weight loss, it’s very important to get the “extract” version since it’s far more potent than what you’ll find in tea or a simple powder.

Coleus Forskohlii is actually pretty rare in diet pills. Why? Because it helps increase lean muscle mass as well as help test subjects lose over 12 pounds of fat!  We believe that since this ingredient can technically increase weight, although it’s healthy, lean muscle weight, diet pill companies choose not to include it. Replacing fat with muscle will give you a far healthier body and you’ll look much more fit as well. There are so many products that could have made our top 10 list if they just had this powerful ingredient! We’re glad the makers of OxiPHEX chose this rare ingredient.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (No, not a cup of coffee) You’re probably thinking “I drink coffee all the time and it doesn’t help me lose weight!!!” Well, the extracted version contains far higher levels of chlorogenic acid (antioxidant) that is able to help test subjects lose weight by reducing the absorption of glucose (carbs & sugar) and fat from inside the gut. This process helps to lower overall insulin levels, helping to achieve higher metabolism.

OxiPHEX Is Guaranteed To Help You Lose Weight Or They'll Refund You!

If you’re smart, (and if you’re reading this, you are smart) you’ve been doing your diet pill homework and  you’ve probably figured out that just because a brand is really popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good or even mediocre. It only means that the company that owns it has spent MILLIONS on celebrity endorsements and high-cost magazine & internet ads.

One of the reasons that we like OxiPHEX is that you’ll never see a celebrity holding a bottle of OxiPHEX. It relies purely on word of mouth and online polls & ratings.

Wait, How Much Is OxiPHEX?

Well, it ain’t cheap! OxiPHEX retails for just under $100 per bottle and sells for $79 for a single bottle. However, when you purchase 3 bottles, they start giving you discounts and you end up paying $42 per bottle. And here’s the thing – WE BUY $200+ IN COFFEE EVERY MONTH just for ourselves! If we actually paid for coffee or lunch or even beer for a month’s total cost every month, we would be shocked at how much we spent. So, for just over $1 every day, you can get OxiPHEX. If you spend less than that every day on coffee at starbucks, PLEASE CALL US and tell us your secret!

Currently OxiPHEX is giving away a 4th bottle for free, which makes their current over very enticing, to say the least.

OxiPHEX Contains 60 Capsules BUT...

OxiPHEX has 30 servings in each bottle. And each serving contains nearly 1 gram of weight-fighting ingredients. Think about this — MOST diet pills on the market contain about 275-325mg in each serving. That means that OxiPHEX contains 3 TIMES the average amount in their hardcore formula, but only costs about 25% more. To us, the people that rank and inspect diet products every single day, sounds like a pretty dang good deal.

  • 3X more ingredient amount that most diet pills
  • Newer, hardcore formula
  • 98% customer success rate
  • Helps to shed weight and reduce waistline
  • Made in the USA, in a FDA registered, GMP facility with the highest manufacturing standards
  • 100% money back guarantee

I recommend to every mom!

I had my 2nd baby 9 months ago and the weight just absolutely wasn’t coming off like it did after my first child. I go the gym at least 3 times per week just like after my first child, but nothing was changing with my body. I’ve always eaten healthy and natural foods at least 5-6 days per week. After researching for a few days, I decided to buy oxiphex since it had a lot of ingredients that have studies and actual science behind them. After a few weeks, I could actually start seeing the changes in my body and got down even lower weight than before I ever even had kids. Never looked this great!! 5/5 highly recommend to moms out there!

Samantha – Sep 14

Down 53 pounds and counting

No babies in my life… Just divorce and depression and A LOT of food. I seriously gained 50 pounds over the course of 2 years and I was absolutely miserable. I didn’t want to go out any more since none of my clothes fit me. I was down to sweats in my closet and I didn’t want to wear sweats unless I’m home. So, going out with friends was out of the question.

Ari – October 23

I lost 14 pounds!

I’m only 5’0, so to lose 14 pounds is a lot for me! At my heaviest I weighed 131 pounds. It’s now been 8 weeks since I started taking Oxiphex and I’ve completely got down to my lowest weight since I was 19 years old. (I just turned 31 this year!) I’ve been able to lose my pudgy gut and I’ve actually added more musclel to my legs and booty

Erica K – June 19

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

OxiPHEX comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and if it didn’t have one, it would only lose a couple of points from our score board based on everyone’s success. However, if you’re not happy, their customer service reps will gladly help you out in the event of returning the product.

Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary. Results in testimonials are atypical and results will vary on individual circumstances. We recommend all products with a healthy diet & exercise.

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