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RazaLEAN Immune Boost Review

Sure, this is a diet pill supplement review site. But since the makers of the top selling diet supplement (RazaLean) created an Immune Boost supplement, we figured we’d better try it out, considered they’ve already helped 100,000’s of people achieve better bodies.

But will it even help if you’re sick? Keep reading to find out if this product is worth it.

What is RazaLEAN Immune Boost?

RazaLEAN Immune Boost is not a cure for anything and if something is claiming to be a cure, then you’re about to get scammed. This product is exactly what’s in the name: a “BOOST” for immune levels and health. But it’s not just marketing or a clever gimmick. Every single ingredient in RazaLEAN Immune Boost has been scientifically proven to increase immune levels.

  • RazaLEAN Immune Boost uses potent extracts so only 2 capsules are needed, rather than 6-10 pills each day.
  • Every ingredient is backed by clinical studies and scientifically proven to boost health & immune levels.
  • Made in the USA, in an FDA-registered and GMP facility.
  • RazaLEAN’s company has a positive reputation and even has a money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $31.98 – $49.95
  • Price/Serving: $1.06
  • Official Site:
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
  • Autoship: None
Overall Rating 98%
Effectiveness 99%
Speed Of Results 97%
Ingredient Quality 100%
Long-Term Results 97%

RazaLEAN Immune Boost Table of Contents

What's In RazaLEAN Immune Boost That Makes It So Effective?

Elderberry Fruit Extract

Not only have elderberries been found to be very nutritious, they are used to fight off cold & flu symptoms and help stave off other viruses. Well, you can just say that, but it sounds more like marketing than anything else. People even have chicken soup and that seems to help. We found that “clever marketing” isn’t the case. Actually, there have been multiple studies on elderberries that show just how effective they are at helping with such viruses!

The graph below represents a single study where 60 people with influenza that took elderberry showed improvement after only 2-4 days. However, the control group that took nothing took up to 8 days for symptoms to improve. 

We went through study after study and they all had the same end result: Elderberry works on viruses and helps boost your immune system and health levels.

razalean immune boost elderberry ingredient
Garlic Bulb Extract

Garlic has been shown to combat the flu and common cold and even help people from getting it in the first place! One study showed that the daily supplementation of garlic helped reduce cold symptoms by 70% compared to the control group.

In another study, garlic supplementation helped reduce the total number of colds by 63% compared to the control group. That essentially translates to this: if you had a family of 6, only 2 people would end up getting sick instead of all 6.

razalean immune boost garlic ingredient
razalean immune boost garlic ingredient
Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract

Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract, also known as purple coneflower because of it’s unique shape and color. Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract is LOADED with many compounds and with antioxidants, which have been linked to reducing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and others.

What makes Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract unique is that in addition to all of the antioxidants it contains, it also contains a compound called: “Alkamides“. These are basically a ‘boost’ for other antioxidants in your and gives them a fresh start again.

The most common reason people ingest Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract, is because of it’s ability to combat colds. In fact, studies have shown that Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract can help reduce developing colds by up to 50% and can shorten the sickness duration by up to 2 days.


Zinc is considered an “essential mineral” which means that it’s required to live AND your body doesn’t produce it naturally, nor does it store it.

Zinc is required for many bodily functions and processes, which include:

  • Immune function
  • Wound healing
  • Synthesis of protein
  • DNA synthesis
  • Growth
  • Hormone function 


Zinc has been studied extensively. One important thing to note is that zinc has proven to reduce the total length of colds by up to 33%, allowing you to speed up recovery and worry less about bills and sick days. 

Vitamin C

It won’t come as a shock to learn that people buy vitamin c supplements specifically to boost immune levels, since vitamin c is directly involved in many aspects of the immune system and regulating health.

Without getting into how it works, we’ll talk more about the effects of it working for you instead. There are truly so many benefits of supplementing with vitamin c!

  • Boosts immune levels
  • Helps improve BP levels
  • May help reduce chronic diseases
  • Helps with certain heart disease risks
  • Helps prevent iron deficiency
  • Protects memory and age-related brain function


Vitamin C helps your immune levels by boosting white blood cell production and function. This process helps strengthen your body and allows it to heal faster.

RazaLEAN Immune Boost Is Guaranteed

If you’re smart, (and if you’re reading this, you are smart) you’ve been doing your homework and  you’ve probably figured out that just because a brand is really popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good or even mediocre. It only means that the company that owns it has spent MILLIONS on celebrity endorsements and high-cost magazine & internet ads.

razalean immune boost versus

Don't Fall For a Scam Product

After looking through close to 100 products for comparison, looking through manufacturing practices, going through supplement facts and ingredients with a fine-toothed comb, we’ve seen that there are some serious scams out there.

There’s a new company that popped up that are selling 120 lozenges for $44.95. There’s no real issue here. However, the only active ingredients were Zinc (3.5mg) and Vitamin C (2.5mg) and of course – SUGAR. For comparison, RazaLEAN Immune Boost contains Zinc (11mg – 100% daily value) and Vitamin C (180mg – 200% daily value). Not to mention RazaLEAN Immune Boost contains nearly 800mg of powerful immune boosting ingredients in addition to zinc and vitamin c. We just ask you to be careful out there.

How Much Is RazaLEAN Immune Boost?

RazaLEAN Immune Boost retails for $64.95 if you were to buy it in a brick & mortar store, so most people prefer to purchase online to save money. 1 bottle of RazaLEAN Immune Boost costs $49.95, but here’s the thing – If you only upgrade to the family pack (3 month supply) and use the coupon code, you can get it for $31.98 per bottle, which comes to about $1.00 per day.

Is RazaLEAN Immune Boost a Cure?

There isn’t a cure for the common cold, flu or some other viruses out there. However, RazaLEAN Immune Boost’s ingredients have been scientifically proven to lessen the effects of sickness, reduce the total time you’re sick, and even help prevent people from getting sick in the first place.

Remember, that this is a “supplement”. It helps you boost your own practices. Always be sure to practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly, especially if you live in a public space, required to interact with people at your job, etc.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

RazaLEAN Immune Boost comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and if it didn’t have one, it would only lose a couple of points from our score board. However, if you’re not happy, their customer service reps will gladly help you out in the event of returning the product.

Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary. Results in testimonials are atypical and results will vary on individual circumstances. We recommend all products with a healthy diet & exercise.

What Do Their Customers Say?


Razalean is a blessing

I’ve been taking razalean for 3 weeks now, and I can’t beleive how much weight I’ve already lost. It’s been a real blessing to find out about this product especially since my sister was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I knew I had to do something and I’m so happy I found this product. I’ve changed my diet and started exercising more as of 8 days ago. I recommend you try this product, especially if you’re in a similar situation as myself. Thanks for reading — Sandy H.

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