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After reviewing 1,000’s of products, Xentermine is the clear winner due to the positive customer feedback and award-winning formula.

Average: (1,387 votes) 4.8

After reviewing 1,000’s of products, Xentermine is the clear winner due to the positive customer feedback and award-winning formula.

Thermopure: Does it Work?

Overall Thermopure Score: 2.4/5.0
thermopure reviews

Thermopure is a gentle weight loss supplement created by My Protein. The website doesn’t give much information on the goal that Thermopure is trying to accomplish besides “supporting your weight-loss.” It does suggest that for a thorough workout 3 things are required: energy, drive, and focus. Are these things that Thermopure is able to provide for you? Let’s look into the ingredients and find out.

Thermopure Ingredients

In the list of ingredients, rice flour is listed second as a bulking agent. We don’t like to see inactive fillers listed because they are only used as a cheap way to provide bulk without adding any real value. This formula includes Green Tea Extract, L Tyrosine, Caffeine, L Theanine, Cayenne Powder, and Black Pepper Extract. Thermopure also provides a few important vitamins and minerals for your body (Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Chromium). The ingredient amounts are provided and account for you taking 3 capsules at once, per the suggested use.

Green Tea Extract-375mg

This ingredient comes at no surprise, it is in almost all weight loss supplements. It can help enhance fat oxidation, provide energy, and is a great source of antioxidants. Because it contains caffeine it can also act as a mind stimulant and help increase awareness.


L-Tyrosine helps you by supporting mental clarity and keeps your mind engaged. Plus it may even be able to help give you energy. This amino acid is sometimes considered as the building block of protein. This ingredient can help keep you focused on your workout.


Caffeine is well known for its ability to boost your energy. It is also able to help improve your concentration and alertness. Caffeine can help give you the extra power you need to push through your workout. This product primarily relies on caffeine to help give the user more energy and better endurance.


L-Theanine can be used to transmit nerve impulses to the brain, helping to keep you calm and relaxed. This is an amino acid also helps to keep you focused. It can use these properties to help counteract any jitters that you may get from the caffeine. It won’t help you lose weight but it’s other benefits help make Thermopure more well-rounded.

Cayenne Powder-50mg

Cayenne powder is added to this formula to enhance thermogenesis and boost your metabolism. It can be found in similar products in this market. It works by heating up your body, thus making your body use calories to cool it back down.

Black Pepper Extract-5mg

The best quality that black pepper extract brings to the table is its ability to help increase your body’s bioavailability. This ingredient enhances the body’s ability to absorb substances in the body. This can help you get the most out of the rest of the formula.

Side Effects

Because the dosage of ingredients is so low for every three capsules, the side effects are pretty minimal. Users have reported headaches and dizziness. It has been compared to drinking multiple cups of coffee, so any side effects you recieve from caffeine can affect you by taking this product. We recommend taking this product as early in the day so the caffeine levels don’t affect your sleep.


When you purchase this product directly from the seller it costs $21.99. It is cheap compared to most products in this genre, however, paying a cheap price will give you a cheap product. It is recommended to take 3 capsules every morning with a glass of water or juice. Each 180 pill bottle will last you 60 days if taken as directed. My Protein suggests that you take this product in the morning 45-60 minutes before your workout, much like pre-workout products. As far as we can tell, there is no money back guarantee.

Thermopure Pros:

  • Contains a lot of stimulants
  • Lower cost than most competing products

Thermopure Cons:

  • Contains rice flour to take up space, but it provides no nutritional or weight loss value
  • Made of a cheap, basic formula

Thermopure Bottom Line

The majority of this product comes from caffeine providing sources. It can work great as a pre-workout, getting you the good workout you’ve been needing. The Thermopure formula is very basic and hits just the bare minimum for a diet pill. If you’re looking for a powerful weight loss supplement more focused on helping with burning fat, we recommend looking into other products. It does provide a lot of caffeine, so it can help to provide energy, drive, and focus for your workout. This product most likely won’t harm you, but there are other products in this category that can better support you with removing unwanted weight.

If you’re looking for better weight loss solutions, please check out the list of products below. We’ve found that these products are the most effective on the market today.

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