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Xentermine Detox: The Cleanse You Need

Detox cleanses are such a big trend and for good reason. Detoxing is a great way to jumpstart your body and help everything start running smoothly again. But, doing a full on juice cleanse or using some other cleansing methods can have some nasty side effects. That’s why we love to see detox supplements. It’s a quick and easy way to give your body the cleanse it deserves. 

Plus, if you want to lose weight, a good detox supplement can be your new best friend by helping you detox and lose weight at the same time!

Keep reading to find out if Xentermine Detox is right for you.

Why Use A Detox Supplement?

Detox supplements can give your body the cleanse that it deserves. By taking a detox supplement you are giving your body everything it needs to remove unwanted toxins and give you better weight loss plus a healthier body. 

When you detox it opens your body to a whole new way of functioning. Using a detoxing supplement is a quick, simple, and easy way to provide your body with these types of benefits. Plus, you don’t need to deal with all of the hassle of other cleansing strategies.

  • Enhances weight loss
  • Removes unwanted toxins
  • Boosts skin health
  • Increases natural energy levels
  • Improves immune system

What Is Xentermine Detox?

Xentermine Detox is a new detox product designed to help you remove toxins and improve weight loss. It can be taken with any other Xentermine products making it easy and convenient to get all of the weight loss benefits you could possibly want.

People who have used this product found that it can help you get a huge boost in weight loss, increased health, and give you an overall better feeling/functioning in both the brain and the body.

  • Price: $31.99 – $49.95
  • Price/Serving: $1.07
  • Official Site:
  • Guarantee: 100% Money Back
  • Autoship: None
Overall Rating 93%
Effectiveness 94%
Speed Of Results 92%
Ingredient Quality 95%
Long-Term Results 93%

Xentermine PM Table of Contents

What Does Detoxing Mean For You?

Your body is constantly taking in toxins from just about everywhere. They are found in the food you eat, the air you breath, and even from the bacteria in your digestive tract. 

When your body needs a detox you’ll notice: stress, fatigue, skin breakouts, headaches, a lack of mental clarity, uncomfortable digestion, getting sick easily, gaining excess body weight, feeling emotionally unstable, and unpleasant scented breath/BO. 

When you detox, you cleanse your body from the inside out. All of these warning signs can quickly fade away helping improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Plus, if you’re wanting/trying to lose weight, then detox! It is one of the best ways to give you the weight loss you deserve. 

Xentermine Detox Ingredients

Xentermine Detox contains: fennel seed powder, cascara sagrada bark powder, oat bran fiber, buckthorn bark powder, citrus pectin powder, pumpkin seed powder, aloe vera leaf powder, cayenne fruit powder, ginger root powder, licorice root powder, rhubarb root powder, acai berry fruit powder, cape aloe leaf powder, bentonite clay powder, senna leaf powder, goldenseal root powder, and lactobacillus. 

This may seem like a lengthy list, but having a longer list of ingredients has benefits of its own. Plus, there’s no need to worry, the ingredients have all been researched and are safe and effective for detoxing.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of these ingredients and see what they can do for you.

Fennel Seed Powder

This ingredient is highly nutritious and a great source of fiber. Fennel seed can be used to reduce gas, relieve constipation, improve upset stomachs, and suppress appetite. This is a really great ingredient to see in detox supplements and weight loss supplements, it’s the best of both worlds. 

  • Reduces gas
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves digestive health 
  • Pain relief 

One placebo controlled single blind study was conducted to test the effects of fennel seed on appetite suppression. A group of 9 women drank teas that either had fennel or were a placebo. Those who drank fennel tea had decreased hunger, lower food consumption, and increased feelings of fullness when compared to the placebo. (1)

Rhubarb Root Powder

In this formula rhubarb root is included to help give the body a natural improvement to its digestive system. This helps the body detox by getting rid of the harmful toxins that have been trapped so they can no longer negatively affect you or your body. It is also used in supplements to help increase fiber/antioxidant intake, improve bone health, and reduce inflammation.

  • Removes toxins
  • Boosts digestive health
  • Increases antioxidant intake
  • Reduces inflammation 

A study was conducted to test the gastrointestinal benefits that come from rhubarb roots. Thirty patients participated in this study. 16 subjects were treated with rhubarb 3 times a day and 14 subjects were given the same treatment without rhubarb. Subjects who were treated with rhubarb had increased gastrointestinal health and restoration of gastrointestinal mobility. (9)

Oat Bran Fiber

Oat bran fiber is a very important part of this formula. It can help support a healthy digestive system, improve weight loss, and lower risk for multiple diseases. By boosting the digestive system this ingredient helps the body move harmful waste, bacteria, and toxins so your body doesn’t have to hold onto them. Plus this ingredient can also help to discard excess fat so it doesn’t get stored in the body. 

  • Improves weight loss
  • Supports digestive health
  • Increases toxin removal

In a study done to test the effects of oat bran on the digestive system, a group of 5 men were split into 2 constant diet groups: wheat bran fiber and oat bran fiber. Researchers found that the consumption of oat bran caused more bacteria and fat discarded when compared to wheat bran. (5)

Acai Berry Extract

The acai berry is known for its ability to naturally detox the body. This super fruit is packed with antioxidants which helps the body improve many of its functions and can protect you from harmful toxins and free radicals. Many people also use them to improve overall health, reduce brain oxidation, and boost brain function. Recent research is also finding that acai can prevent the formation of toxins by stopping cell oxidation. 

  • Increases brain function
  • Reduces cell oxidation
  • Prevents toxin formation

A group of researchers investigated the effects of acai berries antioxidant capacity and bioactivities. They found that acai berries have both slow acting and fast acting antioxidant properties. It was also discovered that the antioxidants from this ingredient were able to fully enter human cells and perform an oxygen quenching function that helps to prevent cell oxidation. (8)

Citrus Pectin Powder (Whole Grapefruit)

Citrus pectin powder is a very useful ingredient for detoxing. Although it is common to find this ingredient in detox products, it should not be overlooked. People often use it in supplementation to help lower the risk of certain diseases, improve cellular health, remove heavy metals, and help the body detox. 

  • Improves cellular health
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Increases toxin removal

A review of 5 case studies found that citrus pectin is able to help the body detox. When using citrus pectin it, on average, decreased toxic heavy metals by 74% without causing any side effects. In conclusion, citrus pectin powder is a safe and effective tool that helps the body remove toxic substances. (2)

Bentonite Clay Powder

Also known as montmorillonite clay, bentonite clay has been used as an ancient remedy throughout history. It is a great ingredient to help remove toxins and can provide assistance with removing heavy metals as well. Although it is most commonly known for its toxin removing abilities, it can also be used to improve weight loss, boost digestive health, and support skin health.

  • Improves weight loss
  • Boosts digestive health
  • Removes toxins

In one study, researchers investigated the safety and efficacy of this clay on children who were exposed to harmful toxins. When compared to the placebo group the children taking bentonite showed significant reduction in urinary toxins and reduced exposure from foods. It was found to be a safe and effective strategy to remove and prevent toxins. (4)

Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

You have probably heard of this one before, but most people only know about its topical uses. It can be used in supplementation to help increase liver health, boost digestive health, improve the body’s nutrient levels, and relieve heartburn. When it comes to detoxing, aloe vera’s benefits for the liver and overall digestive system are the most important.

  • Boosts digestive health
  • Increases nutrient levels
  • Improves liver health

One review was written based on 3 applicable, randomized controlled trials that evaluated aloe vera’s effects on digestion issues. These studies included a total of 151 patients and showed that aloe vera gave subjects significant improvements when compared to the placebo. No adverse events were found due to the use of aloe vera and it was concluded to be a safe and effective treatment. (7)

Cayenne Fruit Powder

Cayenne peppers are an excellent ingredient for almost any formula, they can be used to help boost the metabolism, reduce appetite, improve digestive health, relieve pain, and more. We are very excited to see this ingredient in a detox formula. Although its benefits to your digestive health are very important for detoxing, this ingredient can also help improve weight loss.

  • Reduces appetite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves digestive health
  • Supports detoxing and weight loss

A group of 75 volunteers participated in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study that tested the effects of capsaicinoids (one of the main components in the cayenne fruit). By the end of this 12 week experiment the subjects taking supplementation had a greater reduction in body fat percentage and fat mass when compared to the placebo. (3)

Ginger Root Powder

This is one of the best ingredients to see in a detox formula. Ginger root is packed full of antioxidants and provides benefits for the entire body. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties that can help with detoxing by improving digestion and ultimately flushing out toxins.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves digestive functions
  • Removes toxins 

In a review done on the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, researchers gathered 12 studies to investigate the correlation between the ingredient and these properties. After evaluating these articles it was concluded that ginger has evidence supporting both its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits. This can help reduce muscle pain after working out, improve cardiovascular health, increase gastrointestinal health, and more. (6)

Pros Of Xentermine Detox:
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Unmatched detox formula
  • 30 day supply in every bottle
  • Improves weight loss
  • Made in the USA at a GMP registered and FDA approved facility
Cons Of Xentermine Detox:
  • Sometimes runs out of stock

How To Use Xentermine Detox?

It is recommended to take 2 capsules, 30 minutes before a meal, once a day. It can be used alongside any other Xentermine products. 

Although it isn’t a requirement for this product to be effective (and it will work super well without them), there are a few suggestions that can help you take detoxing a step further. We also recommend getting proper sleep, drinking plenty of water, and staying active. By doing this your body can get all of the detox benefits available to it.

How Much Is Xentermine Detox?

If you want to buy Xentermine Detox, we have got you covered! It can be purchased from the official website Xentermine Detox

Here you can also find special deals and discounts that can help make this product even more affordable!

1 bottle of Xentermine PM costs $49.95, but you can buy it in bulk and save up to $18 per bottle

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee For Xentermine Detox?

Yes, Xentermine Detox has a 60 day money back guarantee. This meets the industry standard and gives you enough time to fully test out the products and make sure that it’s right for you. Plus, you will get 100% of the money you paid back if you don’t like it for any reason. 

Xentermine Detox vs Other Products?

This is a very well rounded supplement that was truly designed to give people the results that they want. The ingredients are set up in a way that doesn’t risk causing side effects and gives your body the full, healthy detox that it needs. 

A lot of detox supplements don’t fully support the detoxification process. But, with Xentermine Detox every ingredient was included for a purpose. This product can give you a full detox and provide your body with extra health benefits on top of that! 

Is Xentermine PM Recommended?

Yes! Xentermine Detox is a new detox formula that can change your life. It has a great list of ingredients that have clinical evidence supporting their detoxing benefits plus, other weight loss and health benefits. This is a high quality, greatly valued supplement that gives users the results they want. Since each bottle comes with a full 30 day supply and it has a 60 day, 100% moey back guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. 

With Xentermine Detox, you can feel confident that you are getting the best detox from a trustworthy company


This supplement is very high quality. The ingredient list is put together very well and all ingredients are backed by scientific evidence. It is made by a company with a great reputation that meets all of the industry standards. Each capsule is made in an FDA approved and GMP compliant facility located in the USA. 

All of this combined shows that not only are the capsules themselves high quality, but the company that makes them is dedicated to being high quality as well.


Xentermine Detox is a highly valued supplement. It gives customers real results and is one of the highest quality detox supplements that we have seen. Although this product may appear to be pricier than some other products, it is much higher valued, so overall you’re getting more for your money. 


  • Each bottle has a full 30 day supply
  • Your purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee that is good for up to 60 days after you purchase
  • This company is well known for their incredible customer service (and as many of you know, the value of great customer service is priceless)

Customers love this product because of the great results they are getting from it. People who use this product have noticed that it helps them feel clean and refreshed with overall satisfaction from their purchase. Plus, it has been able to help people lose weight and keep it off. 

Even though many customers have purchased it solely for its weight loss benefits they have been very happy with the other benefits it has brought to their lives. 

Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary. Results in testimonials are atypical and results will vary on individual circumstances. We recommend all products with a healthy diet & exercise.

Xentermine Detox FAQ's

How long does each bottle last? Every bottle comes with a full 30 day supply. This is a great amount to see in a detox product. It meets the industry standard and gives you about a month’s supply in every bottle. 

Does Xentermine Detox cause side effects? Because this product relies on so many ingredients, it is harder to find side effects from it. This helps the product be more balanced and the smaller amounts of different ingredients can reduce the likelihood of side effects. However, losing extra weight is a common side effect that comes from Xentermine Detox.

Is Xentermine Detox safe? Yes, all of the ingredients in this formula have been researched for their safety and no customers have found side effects. 

Can I sign up for an autoship program? No, Xentermine Detox does not offer an autoship program. This may seem inconvenient for some, but it is actually something that we like to see. We strongly recommend avoiding autoship programs.

Is Xentermine Detox worth it? Absolutely, the value and benefits of this product are well worth the cost. Whether you are looking to lose weight, give something back to your body, or just feel better, Xentermine Detox has your back. This formula is made with all safe ingredients that are great for detoxing and improving other aspects of health.

Who can take Xentermine Detox? Xentermine Detox was made for pretty much everyone. The only people who shouldn’t use this product are those who are younger than 18 years old, are pregnant, or are nursing. Besides that, it can be used by anyone who wants to give their body an incredible detox, boost their immune system, and/or get better weight loss.

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